April/May Audio


_2018-03-22-BREAK_ break processing using slicing and saturation

_2018-04-05_ an attempt at an intro

_2018-04-13_ processed break with synths

_2018-04-20-B-break_ processed break with multi band processing (gates, saturation, stereo etc...)

_2018-04-24_ same break with some serum bass and leads work over the top

_2018-05-01_ loop using drums made in serum, pulse 2 and some field rec

_2018-05-10-BREAK_ processed hot-pants break

_2018-05-10-W-BASS_ break from above with heavily processed pulse2 bass

_./mp3/2018-05-16.mp3_ a loop made out of sounds from serum only

_./mp3/2018-05-23.mp3_ another loop with some weird stereo fx